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Despite lead singer Andrei Makarevich s veneration of the Beatles Mashina Vremeni Time Machine have experimented in many genres from blues to hard rock rarely taking anything but inspiration from the British Invasion A pluralistic ensemble whose only perpetual member is faithful leader Makarevich the group found direction based on its lineup and irreverently amassing and trying out

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In 2004 Mashina Vremeni celebrated their 35th anniversary with a huge concert on Moscow s Red Square and in 2007 they finally released a selftitled album Time Machine Like a weathered sovereign Makarevich continues to reign benevolently over the modern development of Russian music Sabrina Jaszi Rovi Read More

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Mashina Vremeni Russian Машина времени literally quotTime Machine and known as Time Machine in English music sources is a Russian rock band founded in 1969 Mashina Vremeni was a pioneer of Soviet rock music and remains one of the oldest still active rock bands in Russia The band s music incorporates elements of classic rock blues and Russian folk music

Mashina Vremeni Машина времени Russian for Time Machine which formed in Moscow in the late 1960 s is recognized as one of the two quotpatriarchs quot of Russian rock music the other one being Aquarium This indirectly dates the Russian rocknroll tradition the leaders of both bands Andrei Makarevich and Boris Grebenshchikov who share a careerlong friendship were born in 1953

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Mashina Vremeni Машина времени was one of the Soviet Union s pioneering rock bands Formed in Moscow in 1969 Mashina Vremeni has worked across various genres over the years and continues to make music today Their name translates to